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In greater Vancouver it often seems like real estate is a topic of discussion at almost every social gathering, business function and child’s activity.  Current interest rates, the latest sales numbers, vacancy rates and benchmark prices frequently move to the forefront of our conversations as we seek to make sense of the latest news and evaluate our investments.

For so many of us our homes are the most valuable investment we own.  Understanding what is going on in the industry is paramount to ensuring that I can have meaningful discussions with my clients to help them protect that investment.  Industry knowledge isn’t limited to knowing what the house down the street sold for, but also having a broader base understanding of topics that include construction, finance, strata operations, rental rates, marketing systems and negotiation strategies. 

For 28 years now I have gained invaluable experience and extensive knowledge working in real estate.  I am intimately familiar with the lower mainland having lived here for over 40 years and attend university locally.  Understanding what is important to my clients and working with them to achieve their buying and selling goals are what drive me.  I pride myself on my professionalism and believe that my personalized service has allowed me to have a long and successful career.

Buying or selling, call me today, tell me what you're looking for and I will tell you how I can help!